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Mt Elbert

Travis and I day-hiked the East route of Mt Elbert today. Normally, this hike takes 4-5 hours to summit, but we somehow managed to stretch it out to 7+ hours. I found this hike to be much easier aerobically than our Mt. Harvard hike last year as I was rarely out of breath, but I

CT Day 7

Todays short hike took me from my campsite at Segment 6/Mile 7.8 up to Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide at Segment 6/Mile 12.3, my rendezvous point with Travis. After surviving a nasty hailstorm right on the Pass, I met up with Travis and we drove over to the Sawatch range to setup for our

CT Day 6

Started from the Kenosha Pass Campground at the beginning of Segment 6 and hiked nearly 8 miles to Segment 6/Mile 7.8 and the best campsite of the trip so far, perched over an outcrop, looking across a very steep valley.

CT Day 5

Hiked from Rock Creek at Segment 5/Mile 7.5 to Kenosha Pass at the terminus of Segment 5. Setup camp at the Kenosha Pass Campground, which basically bought a picnic table, an easy water source, and a privy for a night. Side note: I still filtered the well water as I can’t afford to risk getting

CT Day 4

Last night I was actually considering today as a full rest day; after a decent night’s sleep, I feel refreshed enough to continue. I am still recovering from yesterdays half marathon, but I managed to hike about 9 miles from Segment 4/Mile 14.3 to Rock Creek with little difficulty.

CT Day 3

Skipped breakfast this morning; instant oatmeal is not appetizing. I did have coffee, also not appetizing. The powdered milk and sugar combo as coffee creamer is a bit off; next time I’ll just bring sugar. For now, I will stick to cold drinks and Clif Bars. Hiked 12.0 miles to Segment 4/Mile 14.5. First 3

CT Day 2

I only hiked 6.5 miles today, but I feel very fatigued, presumably an effect of the elevation. I camped at the Payne Creek trail intersection at Segment 4/Mile 3.3. My appetite is noticeably reduced, though I was able to take in a basic dinner of mashed potatoes and bacon. As I hike, I’ve noticed that

CT Day 1

Woke up at 7am, started reorganizing supplies and setting aside extras for resupply later. Made the decision to hike around Lake Wellington with Travis and start midway through Segment 3. We ran a few errands, checked out Travis’s studio and Pearl Velo, and we almost forgot to stop at REI on the way out town

CT Hike Prep

Worked through the night to finish packing my backpack and preparing my meals . The final weight of my pack including food but sans water is 40.0 lbs, which means I should be carrying about 44-46 lbs. I’m used to hiking with 30-35 lb total pack weight, but that was when I split the gear