Monthly Archives: July 2010

New Journal Site

Welcome to my new journal site. I’ve decided to manage my journal via WordPress instead of my own clunky database software. Since I stopped updating my old journal site in 2007, you might notice posts on either side of this date, as I am backfilling some major events here.

Mt Elbert

Travis and I day-hiked the East route of Mt Elbert today. Normally, this hike takes 4-5 hours to summit, but we somehow managed to stretch it out to 7+ hours. I found this hike to be much easier aerobically than our Mt. Harvard hike last year as I was rarely out of breath, but I

CT Day 7

Todays short hike took me from my campsite at Segment 6/Mile 7.8 up to Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide at Segment 6/Mile 12.3, my rendezvous point with Travis. After surviving a nasty hailstorm right on the Pass, I met up with Travis and we drove over to the Sawatch range to setup for our

CT Day 6

Started from the Kenosha Pass Campground at the beginning of Segment 6 and hiked nearly 8 miles to Segment 6/Mile 7.8 and the best campsite of the trip so far, perched over an outcrop, looking across a very steep valley.