CT Hike Prep

Worked through the night to finish packing my backpack and preparing my meals . The final weight of my pack including food but sans water is 40.0 lbs, which means I should be carrying about 44-46 lbs. I’m used to hiking with 30-35 lb total pack weight, but that was when I split the gear between Margie and me. I invested in an ultralight tent (Mountain Hardwear Helion 2) and a down sleeping bag (LaFuma 650 Pro) to cut down on the space and weight make my pack weight more manageable for a solo hike; I didn’t want a repeat of my Adirondack hike where I ended up with a ridiculous 55-60 lb pack.

It just hit me that I don’t have to work for three full weeks, which is a first in my professional career. If my company setup a “annual voluntary furlough” period of 2-5 weeks, I’m sure I would opt in every year. I’m still kicking myself for “opting” out of last year’s furlough (found a project that was exempt from the production furlough).

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