CT Day 2

I only hiked 6.5 miles today, but I feel very fatigued, presumably an effect of the elevation. I camped at the Payne Creek trail intersection at Segment 4/Mile 3.3.

My appetite is noticeably reduced, though I was able to take in a basic dinner of mashed potatoes and bacon.

As I hike, I’ve noticed that my mind wanders to the most random shit in my memory, labeled hereafter as the Random Shit In My Head. Today’s most frequent RSIMH is the Paula Cole song I don’t want to wait. I’m not really a fan, it’s just stuck in my head.

I am surprised that I still have decent cell reception, two bars of Edge network, presumably from the Bailey area just North of me.

Business Idea: Rental Service for SPOT Satellite Messengers. Currently, the SPOT typically costs $150 in hardware and $100+ in annual service fees, which is an initial investment of at least $250. The proposed rental service could rent out units perhaps at $10 per week plus a $10 processing fee, which would lead to the following example rate schedule:
  1 week : $20
  2 weeks: $30
  4 weeks: $50
  8 weeks: $90
  16 weeks: $170

This structure would be more economical for consumers like me, who really only use the service a few times a year for one to three weeks at a time on remote excursions. Customers could also purchase additional insurance apart from the rental fees, including expatriation, search and rescue.

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