After a long sleepless night of preparation, Margie dropped me at the airport at 12:30 PM. I stopped into Dewar’s “Pub” for a burger. I ordered the burger with guacamole and bacon, but I got a flavorless brick on a whole wheat bun, topped with guac and bacon. This was honestly one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had, even ignoring the $10 premium and considering every other nasty hamburger I’ve eaten, including White Castle.

The plane was scheduled to leave at 3:25 PM but did not take off until 5:30 PM, but I luckily still made my connection in ATL. I was a bit disappointed that Delta doesn’t serve meals on some of the mid-range domestic flights. Their meals were never that good but I’m just annoyed with all the new fees effected by their cost cutting initiatives. Is this Ryan Air? That said the $5 “Mediterranean” meal box isn’t half bad: green olives, bagel chips, asiago cheese spread, glazed cashews, dried cranberries, and swiss chocolate; it’s a much better deal than the $3 can of formed potato flakes known as Pringles.

I surprised Travis and Emily at the airport when I ran into them sooner than expected. Starting sometime during my travels in Europe, I got a reputation for serendipitously finding people and running into them without sufficient information or communication to locate them. This stems mainly from a weekend trip to Venice where I ran into a group of high school friends on vacation as well as a group of friends from UC on a field trip, all with no communication. One friend still suspects I work for the CIA. Admittedly, Venice is basically one big pedestrian area with a few main corridors, so it not that improbable that two people would randomly run into each other. Interesting side note: my roommates at the first hostel at which I stayed were also from UC and completely unaffiliated with the other group from UC.

I passed out at 11:30 PM MDT; the first full night of sleep in over a week.

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